According to Cliff Richard, singer Morrissey remains hospitalized fighting off a virus from which he has suffered for almost a month.

Richard made the statement on Saturday night during a question and answer session at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. Richard played a free concert, which included the Q&A, as a replacement for the cancelled Morrissey show for which he was opening at the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn.

Cliff stated that Morrissey was still in the hospital and that he wished him well and would be happy to support him again on future tours.

Of course, this is troubling news as Morrissey first cancelled a show on June 3 for Atlanta and called off the rest of the U.S. tour the next day due to doctor's orders. While it was known he was suffering from a virus of some sort, nobody would have expected that it was severed enough to keep him in the hospital for three weeks.

As of the time of this writing,, the official mouthpiece for Morrissey, has yet to post any statement on the situation.

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