Posters are a vital way of drawing your audience in and advertising something of interest to the masses, which is why Instant Print offers such extensive service in creating your own. What is more, posters are also a great way to establish your style with the people you are trying to engage with and reach. Each sector of society has their own way of doing this, and the music festival industry is no different. To see just how they do it, and how they differ to their film counterparts, here’s a close look at a couple of examples.

Reading and Leeds Festival is one of the key events every summer due to the variety of bands and artists taking part, and the whole festival atmosphere itself. Nevertheless, while it's important to let the acts speak from themselves, it's also vital to create an image that everyone recognises and is a part of.

Over the years, Reading and Leeds has established a very specific look, using little or no imagery, and instead relying on bright colours and bold fonts to do the job of selling the event. When you think of this festival, you think of the red and yellow that adorns all the posters you see when the countdown to the gig begins.

Also relying on adhering to set branding symbols, colours, and fonts is the Glastonbury Festival. Arguably one of the biggest music events throughout the UK, it needs little introduction or advertisement, however, that doesn't mean the poster doesn't have the sell what's on offer if you attend. Unlike Reading and Leeds, it's not about brand colours, but solely about which acts take place where. Furthermore, similar to a film, they use a complimentary quote to reinforce how good the festival will be, and how un-missable it is.

Upon looking at both of these examples, and many more, you can see the attention grabbing aspect of each poster is within the information listed, not the images (if any) used. The bigger the acts and the more names you have, the more likely you are to get a larger audience; a tactic sometimes used for film posters occasionally.

Despite the fact that text dominates these posters, music lovers across the globe love being able to keep this type of memorabilia, just as film and fashion fanatics do. Therefore, when people are interested in a gig and/or band, they often show their appreciation by putting posters up on their walls.