Lily Allen would swap Christmas for Glastonbury.

The British singer is a regular fixture at the annual music festival, and has been every year of her life bar one.

She'll be taking to the stage to perform this year, the 29-year-old's fourth time playing to crowds at the famous music event.

"I go in hard. I was six-weeks-old the first time I went. I mean I would trade Christmas for Glastonbury," Lily laughed to Radio 1's Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

"I didn't go once. But yeah I've been every year, even when I was preggers."

Lily's joined on the bill by Arcade Fire, Dolly Parton and Metallica amongst other artists on the main Pyramid Stage.

The performance space holds a special memory for Lily, who first started romancing husband Sam Cooper there when she last performed on it.

"I've only ever played on the Pyramid Stage, but it's a nice story though because the last time I played it and Sam, my husband, we got together that night! And now it's five years later and we have two children," Lily smiled.

"We'd known each other since I was a teenager, but we decided we fancied each other on the night I played Glastonbury last."

Lily revealed that her dad, actor Keith Allen, has already set up camp at the festival site despite the fact it doesn't start until Wednesday.

Keith is a Glastonbury veteran, passing down his love for the famous music gathering to Lily.

"My dad's been there for a week, yeah he's setting up. He's taking a hot tub. Yes! He's quite funny.

"I'm a bit worried though because when my dad goes down to Glastonbury a month before it starts, I'm sort of worried about what sort of state he's going to be in by the time I get there," she laughed.