Justin Bieber has reportedly cruised back into Selena Gomez's good books with a lavish motor gift.

The bad boy of pop is said to have splashed out on a £6,000 Segway and hopes the motorised scooter will show Selena that he's changed his ways.

Justin and Selena first started dating in 2010, and the pair have gone on to have many break-ups and make-ups. Now Justin reportedly wants to win her back for good.

“It has been a while coming but Selena has agreed to a reconciliation. It was when she agreed to go to his house that he gave her the new, shiny Segway," an insider revealed to British newspaper The Sun

"He told her he can’t live without her and that he’s reformed his bad boy ways for good."

Since the start of the year, Justin has found himself in hot water on numerous occasions. He reportedly pelted a neighbour's house with eggs, was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid licence and recently had to endure old footage of him telling racist jokes surfacing.

"He’s ditched a few of the troublesome characters he’s been hanging out with after advice from his management," the insider added.

“And Selena thinks he’s being genuine and given Justin another chance."

Sources close to the 20-year-old Canadian star reveal that he shunned flashier gifts like jewellery and clothes in favour of the scooter in a bid to show that they could enjoy the simpler things together.

“He thought a Segway would be a chance to prove they can have good, clean fun together, and she thought that was a really sweet touch," the source confirmed.