Ed Sheeran knows his fame “isn’t going to last forever” and has a ten year plan in place.

Despite being at the height of stardom, the young musician is well aware that fame can be fleeting. He told Parade Magazine that he does not think he’ll be living this lifestyle in ten years, because then he should “settle down”.

“I know this isn’t going to last forever. Now is the time when I’m making my musical statements and being cool and going to parties. But I don’t think I’ll be living this life in ten years’ time. If I am, please slap me,” joked Ed. “At 33, I should be starting to settle down.”

The 23-year-old heartthrob spoke out in the lead up to his latest album release.

The British singer’s new record x (aka Multiply) is set to hit stores on 23 June. The LP is to feature a number of original tracks including Afire Love, which Ed wrote after his grandfather died.

“I finished writing it on the day of his funeral and played it for my whole family. Before it went any further, I needed to get the blessing of the people I care about,” the singer songwriter confessed to journalist David Browne in the interview.

The album will also contain a number of love and heartbreak songs, including the bitter “Don’t”, which is not about a certain country musician.

“[The song] is about someone who’s well known, but not Taylor [Swift],” confessed Ed.

The two pop stars are rumoured to have dated last year, after Ed joined the American songstress on her 2013 tour. Ed has always denied this.