Jennifer Lopez delves into self-help books when she needs guidance.

The 44-year-old star is always looking to improve herself, and admits if she were browsing a bookstore, fans could likely find her in one particular aisle.

"I'm a big soul searcher and I read a lot of, like, self-help books, you know what I mean," she said in an interview obtained by E! News airing Thursday on America’s The Wendy Williams Show.

And when all else fails, there’s a Big Book she turns to.

"I am always kinda searching for answers. I'll randomly just open a Bible looking for answers and guidance,” she explained.

JLo’s love life has been dominating headlines as of late.

TMZ reported this week the pop star’s divorce to Marc Anthony, father of her six-year-old twins Max and Emme, had just been finalised.

Meanwhile, she recently split up with boyfriend of two years, choreographer Casper Smart. And although the world only just found out about the latest development, JLo admitted the pair haven’t been together for some time.

"Yes, I've been single for a couple of months,” she confessed.

The star said she hasn’t given up on love, however. Discussing her ideal man, the singer insisted she doesn’t have a physical type.

"I don't look at the outside so much. I'm not an outside-cover person, I am more of, like, an essence of person,” she said.

But the diva did put the possibility of one rumour to rest – insisting she wouldn’t consider a romantic affair with her recent collaborator on this year’s World Cup anthem, Pitbull.

"He is like a brother to me," she said, musing, "He is Mr. Worldwide, he got no time for me. He's [got] a lot going on."