Katy B spoke to KISS FM UK at the Isle of Wight Festival and revealed that she harbours a secret ambition to be the next Jools Holland. She said “I want to have my own music show and be like Jools Holland. I’d love to have loads of legends on it. It’s a real ambition of mine”

Katy also revealed that despite her success she was once barred from her school canteen for singing during lesson time. She said “ I was chased out of the canteen with a broom because I was singing my heart out”

Katy also said that she was massively star struck when she bumped into Lily Allen . She said “I saw Lily waving and I got massively star struck. I wasn’t sure if she was waving at me, I had to look around and do a double take but she was waving at me”

Katy explained how passionate she is about gay rights saying “My first clubbing experiences were at gay clubs because a lot of my friends are gay and I’m really passionate about gay rights. I saw a lot of my friends struggle with coming out and their experiences. That makes me very proud and I’m well up for playing Liverpool and Brighton Pride. It’s very special for me”