Kelly Rowland has a special place in her heart for LA as Whitney Houston serenaded her there.

The Destiny's Child star lists her favourite destinations for British magazine Stylist with India, London and New York all making the cut.

The City of Angels was high on the list as it's where the late Whitney sang to lifelong fan Kelly.

"LA will always to be special to me because I met my idol, Whitney Houston, there. She sang to me once in the lobby of Hotel Nikko [now the SLS] and I will never, ever, ever forget it," Kelly gushed.

"For the woman who inspired me to sing, to sing for me - wow. I can go into that lobby now and relive that moment all over again. Los Angeles is full of those sort of incredible memories, mainly because the awards shows happen in town, It's the place I won my first Grammy. That was a really great feeling."

Other favourites include Kelly's birth city Atlanta, which she remembers fondly because of the time she spent with her grandma.

Kelly now resides in Miami when she's not in LA working, and the seafront city is the place the 33-year-old calls her spiritual home.

"I have a place in LA but I love to get back home - home, home - to the beach in Miami. I'm a beach bum. I could be a beach bum all day long for days at a time. When I have some rare time off it's the first place I head.

"I love being by the water. I feel that it gives me a real sense of inner peace. I don't know if it's because I'm am Aquarian but I love the water and being by the ocean. I am so grateful my house is right on the water," she enthused.