The little dispute between Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell that blew up into a big court case has been dismissed.

Prosecutors in Norwalk, CT have chosen not to pursue the case against the two singers which means that all records of the arrests will be removed after thirteen months.

The couple were arrested on Saturday, April 26 after a fight between Simon and Brickell at their Norwalk home. According to police records, Simon called 911 but did not speak with the operator, automatically sending police to the location. Upon arrival, officers could hear Brickell arguing with her mother inside the house while Simon waited quietly outside. The police learned that an argument had escalated to the point where Brickell slapped Simon, slightly cutting his ear, and Simon pushed his wife away. Officers noted bruises on Brickell's wrists but she refused to let them take pictures.

At the time of the original arrest, Leon Krolikowski, chief of police in New Canaan, CT, said "They're known well to the community they're very nice people. very willing to help us when we need help. frankly well known enough that everybody knows who they are, quiet they keep to themselves great people and it's unfortunate that this occurred. But we were obligated to make an arrest because of what occurred."

Simon and Brickell have been married since 1992 and have three children.

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