Ed Sheeran admits he often gives shelter to “half eaten, mangy cats off the streets”.

The 23-year-old British singer rescued kitten Graham earlier this year and the star is so in love with his pet he even started a Graham the Kitten Twitter account.

Ed confesses he is now taking in as many homeless felines as he can, as he thinks the little critters are irresistibly cute.

"I tend to take in like half eaten, mangy cats off the streets," he explained to Entertainment Tonight. "I just don't go for the cute ones. They end looking quite cute once you cleaned them up a little bit."

In another new interview with BBC News, Ed explained his desire to be viewed as an authentic person.

And although the Sing hitmaker’s first album + was loaded with controversial lyrical content, he doesn’t believe in censorship.

"The whole of my first album is about drink and drugs and people picked up on that very fast, so I think if anyone saw me do anything, they'd be like, 'It's what he sings about,' not that I get up to it a lot now, I've calmed down,” Ed said.

"I like to be a role model, so I never want to be too much of an advocate. I speak about the experiences and those experiences are never positive so I don't think it promotes it, but it is freeing as an artist."

The singer’s new album x, also called Multiply, will be released on June 23.