Wiz Khalifa tries to leave Amber Rose at home because she takes so long to get ready.

The rapper married the model-and-actress in July last year and they have 15-month-old son Sebastian together.

It's a rarity for the couple to get a night out together, and when they do it takes such a long time for 30-year-old Amber to perfect her look that Wiz has joked he considers leaving her behind.

"Forever," he laughed to Envy the DJ when asked how long it takes her. "Dinner reservation is at 7, so I say 6. She takes long as hell bro. I say, 'I'm going out tonight, you don't have to come...' I always end up bringing her, even though I try to leave her."

The stunning star is known for her shaved head and was quick to take to Twitter to fire back at her husband's comments.

"OMG @djenvy I do not take forever! He's sooo lying. I mean I don't even have hair to do Lol :-) (sic)," she posted.

Wiz is very open about his use of marijuana and has been busted on several occasions for possessing the drug. The last time was in May, when he shocked fans by telling police officers he needed to call Amber and then taking a selfie from his cell.

The 26-year-old revealed how he and his wife, who doesn't smoke, make things work.

"It's cool, she shares the pothead life, the routine - she understands," he explained.

"I smoke everywhere in the house, that's understood. But not around the baby, that's a given. Bathroom, closet... not in the living room, the baby's stuff is in there."

Wiz added that it's hard to juggle work on his new album with fatherhood, but that he will always make time for his son. He would support little Sebastian, should he ever decide to become part of the music industry.

"Of course I would support him, but I wouldn't be like, 'Yo, you gotta be a rapper son, you gotta do what daddy's doing,'" he said.