Keith Urban has compared season 12 of American Idol to Jersey Shore.

The country singer joined the judging panel of the singing competition along with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj for the series airing last year. The season became known for the building feud between the two female superstars but Keith believes there was some trickery involved.

"You guys should ask Nicki about how it all unfolded 'cause I think both her and Mariah kind of got a bit hoodwinked going into Idol. I think there was a sort of concerted effort to make this incredibly factitious environment, to make the show something it was never intended to be," he told Australian radio Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa show. "Idol is not that kind of show. I think that Jersey Shore’s type of mentally wasn’t a good way to go.”

During the audition period of the series, a video was leaked of Starships singer Nicki launching into a tirade against Mariah. Things remained strained between the two, but Keith revealed that he got along with both of them during filming.

"I really felt for both of them. Personally I got along fine with both of them," he added. “We went to a lot of cities and spent a lot of time together and I got along fine with Nicki."

Both stars left the show when season 12 ended but Keith returned alongside Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. The musician is currently touring Australia as part of his Light the Fuse Tour, which will go on until September.