Courtney Love took "emergency measures" after Italian Vogue "Photoshopped the fat away" following a shoot she did.

The 49-year-old rocker understands many younger women in the industry have a warped idea of how good they look, although it's not something she's ever struggled with. She has been many different sizes over the years, but often didn't realise she'd actually put on weight.

"I don't have body [dysmorphia] at all. I'm actually a narcissist about my body to an extreme degree. When I was hitting 192 pounds, I was posing for Italian Vogue. They Photoshopped the fat away. I didn't even realise how fat I was," she marvelled to "Once I got on the scale, I was like, 'Oh, my God, this calls for emergency measures. Where's the Atkins?' It works completely. You can do it maybe five times in your life, but that's about it. That's all your kidneys can take. It absolutely works, but it just makes you stinky and gross and vile. You can't have sex. Your breath stinks."

Courtney is a little concerned about her figure at the moment as she has become obsessed with cheese. She knows the fatty snack isn't good for her and has caused her waistline to expand, but she can't stop munching on it.

One of the reasons why is because she's been playing shows in the UK of late, where she finds eating difficult.

"I have so much artisanal cheese on my rider and artisanal baked goods. Because, honest to God, the f**king fast food in this country is just as bad as 1974. They have not improved," she stated. "I know there's 'food' in Great Britain now and there are foodies... I remember in 1981 when I first moved here on my own, you still couldn't eat. You'd live on fish and chips in the day with 11,000-year-old grease. I tried to take a bite of fish and chips last night and I threw up. It was so disgusting."

UK food wasn't the only thing to get a tongue-lashing from Courtney. She is also bored of the trend for flower crowns, which she believes have been done to death lately.

"I'm gonna say something, and I'm gonna stand by it, which is this: flower crowns are over. F**k flower crowns. If I see one more f**king flower crown, I'm going to kick someone's ass," she fumed.