The Vamps joined heat radio at the Isle of Wight Festival and stirred the rumour mill on potential celebrity relationships as they get closer to four piece girl group Neon Jungle.

Could we see any hook-ups between the bands in the future? Well… The Vamps will be flying over to New York on the same plane as Neon Jungle. They’ve been getting closer, hanging out backstage at The Isle of Wight festival and confessed to flirting and playing football with the girls earlier in the day - Connor Ball said “Yeah the Neon jungle girls absolutely thrashed us at footy earlier. We’ve been hanging out. It was 5-1 in the end we think. We’ll have to get them back somehow. We can’t wait to get over to New York and of course we’re on the same plane as the girls so it should be pretty crazy”

The boys really enjoyed their Isle of Wight Performance and made sure they sweated it out for the fans. “It’s been so much fun, we’re loving being at the Isle of Wight Festival. We’re super sweaty so you know it’s been a high energy performance”

They also accused their incredibly bronzed looking band-mate James McVey of going on a sunbed. James quickly defended himself “I’ve been on the beach this week at home in Bournemouth! I’ve not been on a sunbed. I don’t endorse them! They’re bad for you.”