Thomas Peter Odell turned up at the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend fully prepped, and ready to go. With his tougue wedged firmly in his cheek, it would seem we had our first glimpse of Tom the diva.

He said, "I have a couple of suitcases full of baby wipes, a truck-load of sunglasses and variety of different shoes, I'm a diva - you've just not seen this side of me yet".

Tom also said he often thinks "Let's heli it" and claimed - "I PJ it when we're private jetting it." saying "Oh yeah, you tend to slip into something more comfortable when you get on the private jet." As well as helicopters Tom also showed he likes the finer things in life saying, "I like caviar and vodka".

Talking about the World Cup he also cracked, "I've been practising my headers as well, I'm expecting the call anytime to go out to Brazil. Well, four years ago they got in touch but I'd already booked some festivals and you know, I didn't have time to go out there but it's...The best players don't beat themselves up, you know, you've just got to roll with the punches. No. Well, I remember the manager, I can't remember his name now but he said, you know, he said "Next World're on standby. I've just scheduled to just keep my feet and my limbs just limber you know. It's actually incredibly similar being an artist. I think they probably see that when the England selectors chose the team this year. I didn't get picked for the main team but that was because I think they realised that music is always my priority."

Tom was on fine form, finishing the interview with Pete Donaldson singing lines from popstar & Magic FM presenter Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give you up' live on-air with presenter Pete Donaldson.