Girl band of the moment Neon Jungle spoke to KISS FM UK at the Isle of Wight Festival. Singer Asami Zdrenka revealed how she's still holding out hope that Harry Styles will be hers.

The pair met at the BRIT Awards 2014 and have since become close. Asami said. "The thing with Harry is that I'm still trying to play it cool. I'm hanging around and not expecting anything. I'm content with how things are going at the moment"

Asami also professed her love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. "I'm such a huge fan of the Chili's and am gutted that we're missing them because we're off to America in the morning. Just to know we're doing same gig as them is a blessing".

The girls told KISS FM UK that they were blessed to be at the Isle of Wight Festival "This is our first huge festival, the biggest one we've done. It's so famous, Jimi Hendrix has done it, It's an honour to be here"

The girls have gone from strength to strength and our relishing the chance to go to New York with their new American record deal. They'll be on the same flight as The Vamps "We literally cannot wait to get to NYC and our American record deal is so exciting. We're meeting all the new record label peop's and doing lots of promo plus we're on the same flight as the Vamps! We're not used to a big reception at airports but their fans will be waiting for them when we land so we might actually have to put some make-up on"

Despite loving the festival vibe they weren't too happy about having their phones taken "We had our phones confiscated. We feel so naked without our phones"

The girls are making the most of fame with free sunglasses and shoe "Freebies never get old. We've had free sunglasses, people asking us what are shoe size is for some free shows. It's always better when it's free and we're loving it. We're so blessed"