Bassist James Johnston from Friday night Isle of Wight Festival headliners Biffy Clyro joined Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson and Sarah Champion backstage.

He said "It's nice to be here it's beautiful . We actually woke up on the ferry and feel like we've been at sea for the month. Takes a while to get your sea legs but it's a beautiful island and the festival has an amazing history. It's great to be part of it again"

He revealed that the guys are hard at work on the new album "We've got a new album in the pipeline and we've got a fairly busy summer up ahead. There's around about sixteen to nineteen songs knocking around. We've been pretty creative working on new things and we get to play the music we like"

Recently a story leaked (no pun intended) about a raw sewage spill in the Biffy boys recording studio. James revealed that it was in fact sour milk, not sewage "Yeah see I need to clear this up. We were a little misquoted on that . It was in-fact sour gone off milk leaking through the walls, not sewage"

James spoke about the bands connection to their fans with an increasing trend of Biffy Clyro tattoos being inked. "We feel honoured and a little emotional that people are willing to brand themselves to support us. We see them as part of the gang, an extended family. We were considering letting anyone with a Biffy Clyro tattoo into our shows for free but then we realised there's so many that we just couldn't afford to do it"

When talk turned to kilts, as it naturally would with a Scotsman James said "Well we're not actually true Scotsman if you know what I mean. It's pretty cold at home. We don't want to give people a small surprise"

James explained that the band are still enjoying playing all of their songs unlike some bands who "Well if we were asked to play just a three song set we'd probably just play 'Many of Horror' three times haha but seriously we're fortunate as a band that we still enjoy playing all of our songs. Some bands feel like their hit songs are like nooses around their neck".