Steven Tyler remembers how "magical" he used to find England.

The 66-year-old rocker and his band Aerosmith are set to headline at UK's Download Festival 2014 at Donington Park tomorrow night.

Remembering the first time he came overseas to perform in the '70s, Steven admits he was overwhelmed by England's atmosphere.

"Amazing. We were entering a new world. Which was actually an old world - England seemed almost magical," he recalled to Kerrang! magazine.

Guitarist Joe Perry was also in awe of the country and its history.

"Out first time over was... It was overwhelming. It was a land of fable," he smiled. "Coming from America, where if something is 200 years old it's considered ancient, it was incredible to see things like Stonehenge, which are older than anyone to date. It felt very special just to see stuff like that.

"And there was the music! I don't know what you put in the water there, but you've made some of the best and most important music ever."

The pair are extremely excited about their gig. They will be joined by the likes of Alter Bridge and Steel Panther in taking to the stage for a huge crowd.

Joe is thrilled they have managed to work their way up to big performances from humble beginnings.

"We've always felt we're only as good as the last show. We started out in Boston colleges, and that's where we learnt to play as a band, and worked out way up from there," he explained. "Then we came to Europe, to England, being able to play our music and trying to prove ourselves to a whole new audience."