Kendrick Lamar is a fan of the fake title to his forthcoming album.

The Swimming Pools rapper is working on the follow-up to his chart-topping 2012 debut good kid, m.A.A.d city.

News outlets recently misreported the name of the sophomoric release, mistakenly dubbing it United States Of A.L.A.R.M. — the T.D.E. And although Kendrick didn’t remember the fictitious title exactly, he admits he doesn’t hate it.

“It’s one called American State of Alarm — which was kinda hard, though!” he told MTV News. “It was somebody clever. I thought that was cool.”

In reality, the star doesn’t have a title for the album yet. Although he’s not ready to reveal details about the content or when fans can expect it to drop, the 26-year-old Los Angeles native said they can expect it to be an “event”.

“It’s in the process. We cooking,” he shared. “I couldn’t say [a date]. I couldn’t give a false pretense on where I’m at… I can’t even give a date or a time, but it’s going to be an event.”

Kendrick’s remarks come on the heels of his denial he’s been feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of matching the success of his debut.

In an interview with San Francisco-based radio station KMEL this week, the star spoke about what he’s feeling.
“Not really pressure. I think it’s like fun if anything because it’s a challenge not only for myself, my fans. And just me creatively,” he said.

“I think it’s more of an anxious type feeling. Cause this word ‘pressure’ was thrown around right before my album. Every interview I was doing. And seriously I didn’t feel it. I was like ‘I’mma go out here and give it my best shot for what I know.’ And I’mma do that the second time around.”