Drake has reportedly told Rihanna not to "come crying" to him when she's lonely.

The pair have had an on/off relationship for years and are thought to have split up once again last month. Drake is thought to have viewed Rihanna as marriage material when they were together, but has now accepted that things will never work between them.

"He gave his whole heart to Rihanna and he feels she stomped on it," a source told British magazine Heat. "He told Rihanna's best friend, Melissa Forde, that Rihanna should forget his face, forget his number and never call or come crying when she's hurt or lonely."

Rihanna has always been caught between Drake and her other ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Although Chris assaulted her, resulting in their splitting, in 2009 she went on to give him other chances. They eventually went their separate ways last year but are thought to have remained close, which irritated Drake.

Chris recently completely a stint in jail linked to a violation of his probation for assaulting Rihanna, with Drake laying down the law when his release date rolled around.

"Rihanna can't stand it when a man tries to control her, and that's what Drake seemed to be doing when he asked her not to speak to Chris when he left prison," the insider said. "They had a massive row. No guy has every treated her as well as Drake has, so Rihanna is feeling a sense of loss. But she has such an ego and pride that she's incapable of saying 'sorry'."