Jane Lynch knew Glee was special from the very first episode.

The hit Fox show comes to end after its sixth series later this year. And for Jane, who plays ruthless sports coach turned Principal Sue Sylvester, it’s been an amazing experience.

“Reading the pilot I knew it was special but I didn’t know it would be such a huge audience,” Jane said to the US edition of OK! Magazine. “I knew we would have a rabid following. I knew it because I know how music affects me.”

The 53-year-old has many fond memories from her time on the programme. But she revealed her favourite moment also came from the pilot, when the cast sang the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin’.

“I know how being a part of a group where you belong is important, especially for kids,” she continued. “So I knew we would have kids who would be locked into it. They would lock into it and we would have fans but I didn’t expect it would be the huge worldwide phenomenon it has become. That’s great.”

Show creator Ryan Murphy announced in October last year that the sixth series would be the last. And Jane hopes that the show will go out on a high and end with the same themes that it has maintained throughout.

“I hope that every episode we have left is an event that we’ll look back on them and go, ‘Oh, wasn’t that a great episode?’” she told the publication. “I hope that the message is clear and uplifting and honest.”