Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly hired a French tutor for their daughter.

The married couple's little girl North turns one on June 15, with the couple determined to give her the best upbringing possible. They are apparently "perfectionists", who are so protective of the tot they have written a rule book which nannies and other babysitters must follow.

Among the regulations is that someone must be in when a French teacher arrives to talk to North, nicknamed Nori, three times a week.

"If Kim's family aren't home when the tutor arrives, Kanye would get furious," an insider told British magazine Heat. "They want Nori to learn French, as they'll be spending a lot of time over there."

It's not just French Kim and Kanye are interested in - they have also created a series of flashcards which must be held up in front of Nori. The words they denote are then said out loud, apparently to help her learn to speak as soon as possible.
The couple also monitor what is happening with their daughter via some iPhone apps, which show them what activities she's enjoyed each day. Carers reportedly must log everything the little girl gets up to, which includes the required two hours of daily physical exercise her parents require.

"It's not like she's running around like a sprinter, but she has to be kept active - crawling and playing with toys from an approved list that stimulate her mind and body," the source said.

"Lullabies for Nori's nap time come from a very strict playlist, including oldies from soul and jazz singers like Sam Cooke, Duke Ellington and Etta James, plus there's a lot of Beyoncé and Whitney Houston ballads."

North's wardrobe is also closely monitored, with her parents reportedly choosing what she wears each day. Extra clothes are apparently left out just in case the tot needs to be changed.

"Her clothes are co-ordinated with shoes, and no carer is allowed to deviate from a pre-approved outfit," the insider said.

Kim uses Skype to stay in touch with her little one when she was away, with claims she once checked in every 15 minutes when she was away for a day.

It's thought these rules were all implemented when Kim and Kanye were on honeymoon in Ireland after their wedding last month. Although they are thought to have had a good time, it's suggested they are planning another break - this time to a glamorous island in the Caribbean. The hip-hop star has apparently splashed out $25,000 to rent Calivigny Island in Grenada.

"They're going by private jet and Kanye will have security surrounding the island 24/7," the source said. "Hiring the entire island resort for seven days sounds over the top but it's actually really low-key for Kanye."