Jamie Lynn Spears thinks her sister Britney is an endless source of motivation.

The 23-year-old singer-and-actress is the Femme Fatale pop star’s younger sibling.

Britney shot to fame at an early age and Jamie Lynn feels appreciative of all the guidance her sister provides her.

“For me and my sister the relationship [has] always been a really special one,” she told Access Hollywood. “I’m proud of my sister. She went after her dream from a small town and she’s still doing what she loves, so there’s something to be said about that and something to be really proud of.

“So I definitely look at that as, you know, it gives me motivation and really inspires me to keep going.”

Jamie Lynn doesn’t know where she’d be without Britney, as she has always looked to her older sibling for advice.

“There’s such a big age difference between me and my sister that I think [she] almost was like a second mom,” she said of Britney. “She’s so supportive and she’s so encouraging of me and she’s like my biggest fan… She’s always had my back.”

Jamie Lynn recently released her first EP, which is entitled The Journey.

She confesses putting her music out there induces intense anxiety.

“I’ve been working on this album now, probably for six years almost,” Jamie Lynn said.

“It’s just so personal. I have so much invested in it so I’m definitely very — I’m very nervous about the reaction and how people are gonna take to it.”

The songstress married husband James Watson last April in an intimate New Orleans, Louisiana ceremony.

The starlet is also mother to five-year-old daughter Maddie, whom she shares with ex Casey Aldridge.