Ignore the music snobs. James Blunt’s live show is of world class standard.

From the moment Blunt came on stage at Melbourne’s The Plenary he owned the audience. By song three they were out of their seats and flocking to the front of the stage.

James Blunt appeals to a particular audience. The crowd was made up of mainly 30-40 year old women who were obsessed by him. They knew all of the words to every song. They sang along, they stood, they danced, they lit up the lights on their mobile phones. It was certainly something to see. It was like watching the mothers of One Direction fans acting like One Direction fans.

James Blunt has sold 1,000,000 albums in Australia. As a recording artist he is massive. His four albums have delivered eight hits so a James Blunt setlist really is a greatest hits show.

Ros O'Gorman Photo, James Blunt, Plenary Melbourne 2014The show was a much bigger production than his previous tours. Blunt used a space backdrop to create the Moon Landing theme. But this was no theatrical show. While the stage was set for a moon landing, James was not in Major Tom mode. Instead, he talks to the audience, sends himself up and is often quite funny. When fans rushed to the front obstructing the views of the front rows he said “I’d like to make a deal with you. You can stand for my fast songs. I only have two”.

His stories range from the humorous to the serious. ‘Miss America’, for example, is his observation of the fame of Whitney Houston and how she mishandled it.

The real surprise was Blunt’s cover of the 1971 Slade hit ‘Coz I Luv You’. The song was a Top 10 hit in Australia in its day. It was an interesting inclusion as musically there is zero overlap between James Blunt and Slade. He must just love the song.

As someone recently asked him on Twitter “@JamesBlunt who allows you to keep making music?” his response was “The rich cousin of the person who lets you Tweet”.

James Blunt setlist

James Blunt, Plenary Melbourne, Ros O'Gorman photographyFace The Sun (from Moon Landing, 2013)
I’ll Take Everything (from All The Lost Souls, 2007)
Blue On Blue (from Moon Landing, 2013)
High (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)
Billy (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)
Wisemen (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)
Carry You Home (from All The Lost Souls, 2007)
Satellites (from Moon Landing, 2013)
Miss America (from Moon Landing, 2013)
These Are The Words (from Some Kind Of Trouble, 2010)
Postcards (from Moon Landing, 2013)
Goodbye My Lover (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)
I Really Want You (from All The Lost Souls, 2007)
Coz I Luv You (Slade cover)
Heart To Heart (from Moon Landing, 2013)
Same Mistake (from All The Lost Souls, 2007)
You’re Beautiful (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)
So Long, Jimmy (from Back To Bedlam, 2004)

Bonfire Heart (from Moon Landing, 2013)
Stay The Night (from Some Kind Of Trouble, 2010)
1973 (from All The Lost Souls, 2007)

James Blunt remaining dates

June 10, Derwent, Entertainment Centre
June 12, Perth, Crown Theatre
June 13, Perth, Riverside Theatre

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