The Strokes are live again for the first time since 2011.

In 2013 the NYC band released their fifth album ‘Comeback Machine’ but did not tour it. Prior to the two shows they are done in the past two weeks, The Strokes had not plated live since Brazil on November 5, 2011.

The shows marked the live debut for the two of the three ‘Comeback Machine’ songs although Albert Hammond Jr was including ‘One Way Trigger’ in his solo shows earlier in May.

The Strokes played a low-key gig at Port Chester in New York on May 31 and then performed a full set for the Governors Ball on Randall’s Island on Saturday night (June 7, 2014).

The band played at 6:45pm, before headliner Jack White.

The Strokes setlist for June 7, 2014

Barely Legal (from Is This It, 2001)
Welcome To Japan (from Comedown Machine, 2013)
Automatic Stop (from Room On Fire, 2003)
Machu Picchu (from Angles, 2011)
Reptilia (from Room On Fire, 2003)
Razorblade (from First Impressions of Earth, 2006)
Take It Or Leave It (from Is This It, 2001)
One Way Trigger (from Comedown Machine, 2013)
Under Control (from Room On Fire, 2003)
Heart In A Cage (from First Impressions of Earth, 2006)
Hard To Explain (from Is This It, 2001)
12:51 (from Room On Fire, 2003)
Someday (from Is This It, 2001)
Happy Ending (from Comedown Machine, 2013)
The End Has No End (from Room On Fire, 2003)
You Only Live Once (from First Impressions of Earth, 2006)
Last Nite (from Is This It, 2001)

New York City Cops (from Is This It, 2001)

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