Keira Knightley contributes to her husband's band "via dance".

The 29-year-old actress is married to James Righton of dance band The Klaxons, who are back with their third album Love Frequency. He helped her learn guitar for her role in Begin Again and it seems she has returned the favour by encouraging him as he created the record.

"It's more on a dance level, you know what I mean? She contributes via dance," James' bandmate Jamie Reynolds told British newspaper The Guardian.

"I think maybe A New Reality got the best reaction."

The musician explained it's easy to tell whether a song is working by Keira's reaction. However, he was less happy to expand on what her skills are like on the dancefloor.

"Erm... just moves... as you'd imagine. [Laughs]. Oh God, you've stitched me up, I shouldn't be talking about Keira!" he giggled.

The actress married James last year and the Jamie has fond memories of the part which marked the occasion. He can't remember what the pair chose as their first dance, but has vivid memories of a performance he and some others put on in honour of James.

"I do remember us crowdsurfing him to Lucky Man by the Verve. There was a crowdsurf at the wedding! We also sang James's favourite song. We chose What a Day For Me by Harumi because he loved that song and lyrically it means a lot. I also changed some of the words to be more appropriate for a wedding. It was probably the most petrifying gig I've ever done," he said.

Jamie was scared because there was so much riding on the performance, especially as he had no microphone. Luckily it went down a storm and left the bride and groom very happy.