Lily Allen's husband is said to think she is getting "carried away" with her behaviour.

The British singer has been causing controversy recently with her outspoken nature and risqué outfits. One video she posted on Instagram last month shows her dancing around wearing just a pair of Spanx underwear, covering her breasts with her arm.

Lily's spouse Sam Cooper, with whom she has daughters Marnie and Ethel, is reportedly concerned about his wife's actions. He is also said to be aware of the backlash she may face if she carries on.

"Sam admits he is a bit uncomfortable with Lily flaunting her body - she's trying to be as outrageous as possible," an insider told British magazine Closer. "He adores her, but he fears she's getting carried away to the point where she could start to look desperate.

"Sam is really worried about Lily. She has his newfound confidence and is enjoying showing off her body, but he's concerned she could be taking things too far. He's told her to stop attention seeking and using her body to grab headlines."

Lily has shed a lot of weight since welcoming 16-month-old Marnie. It is thought the 29-year-old star is now making time to flaunt her figure, despite Sam not feeling happy about it.

"Lily feared she'd lost her sex appeal after having the girls. She's worked really hard to get her body back, exercising four times a week. She's proud of herself," the source added. "Everyone just wants her and Sam to pull through this rough patch."