Led Zeppelin 1, 2 and 3 are three of the hottest albums on the planet this week.

Very early projections say that the reissues of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums in deluxe editions were most likely headed toward top ten debuts in the U.S. next week.

On Wednesday, the Official Chart Company in the U.K. reported that, at the half-week mark, the same is holding true in Britain. At this point, Led Zeppelin I is at number 4, Led Zeppelin III is at number six and Led Zeppelin II is at number 7.

If the positions hold, the band’s first album will actually better the original release in 1969 which only got to number 6. II and III were both number 1 albums.

Another veteran artist is likely to premier in the top ten with Paul Weller’s compilation, More Modern Classics, sitting at number 8 mid-week. Also looking strong is a new Vera Lynn collection at 13.

The final chart will be published on Sunday night in the U.K., Sunday afternoon here in the states.

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