Lily Allen appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction at her London show Wednesday night.

The 29-year-old British songstress performed at The Other Ball at One Mayfair, where she took the stage to perform some of her latest hits.

But E! News reports the crowd may have gotten more than they bargained for when the giant front slit in Lily’s maxi dress exposed not only an eyeful of thigh, but her dark undergarments as well.

Lily seemed unfased by the flash, forgoing an update to her stream of social media posts after the star-studded show, hosted by Mark Ronson.

It’s possible she may have been more focused on the mission of The Other Ball, which benefits youth charity Arms Around the Child.

E! reports donors who contributed $34,486 to the cause were rewarded with 10 front-row seats, a meet-and-greet and other perks.

Lily has meanwhile been busy promoting her new album, Sheezus, following its release last month.

The star recently revealed the record’s title was in part a tribute to Kanye West’s controversial release, Yeezus, as well as a tribute to her late idol, Amy Winehouse, who died from alcohol intoxication in 2011 at the age of 27.

"She was not in a great place when we knew each other, so I don't feel I knew Amy; I knew a version of Amy," Lily told The Telegraph back in April.

The star also made comparisons about how they had both been made to suffer the pitfalls of fame. But Lily noted her experience must pale in comparison to the pressure mounting on Amy in the months before her death.

"What she had to deal with was 10 times anything I had to deal with. She'd sold a hell of a lot more albums than me, and there was a lot more interest in her. There were people outside her home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I know what that was like on a much smaller level, and I felt trapped. She couldn't do anything or go anywhere without there being a frenzy; and she was all about life and enjoying herself and socialising, and when that's taken away from you… she was a prisoner,” she said.