Nicole Scherzinger has joked she wants to judge women's bottoms with Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez.

The 35-year-old singer is known for her witty and silly sense of humour, which she demonstrated during an appearance on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Having previously sat on the panel of The X Factor in the UK, Nicole thought she would suggest a new idea for a programme to her assistant Teran during a live prank call.

"It's been a crazy day and I've just come up with a crazy idea that came to mind and I just want to make sure we remember some of these ideas. Now don't laugh, but I just had this awesome idea for a show here in the UK. It's not X Factor, it's Ass Factor," she suggested eagerly.

"Yes, Ass Factor. Because you know how I've been a fanatic about working out lately and doing squats and stuff, and all girls want a really nice, hot ass, right? So I think it would be crazy, but it would really work to actually have a show about who's got the Ass Factor. I could be a judge, Nicki Minaj, um I don't know who would be the third judge. I love J-Lo's ass so much. It could be J-Lo or Kim Kardashian."

Nicole continued the hoax by going into detail about her own workout regime. She cites Miley Cyrus' famous dance move the twerk as a way she keeps her buttocks in shape.

"Not only are we looking for the most asstastic ass... but people can learn," she continued. "It's like health and fitness as well, because people can work on their asses and tune in and see what kind of squats I'm doing. I was working on my ass twerking muscles the other day, with my right and left cheek, I don't know if I showed you that, when you get on your knees and contract the right cheek, count to four... release, contract the left cheek."

She may have an array of famous friends and Formula 1 driver boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, but Nicole admitted using the phone is uncommon for her. While she'd like to talk to people more often, she knows it will never be a quick chat.

"I rarely call people, so everyone will think it's a prank because I actually called. I text, I email, I don't call people a lot. I don't know, just because I don't call and when you do call you know you want to give them all of your attention - you can't call for a minute, you gotta call for like an hour to catch up on lives. It's so much," she sighed.