1969's Woodstock was a cultural phenomenon. A gathering of 400,000 people in a muddy farm field without major incidents gave people hope for a generation that had been seen as directionless.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, it's next to impossible to recreate the feeling of such an event. Promoters tried it twice, 1994 in Saugerties, NY and 1999 in Rome, NY. While the first went relatively event free, the second was marred by looting, sexual attacks and, on the last night, a number of large fires.

That's why it comes as such a surprise that original Woodstock promoter, Michael Lang, is interested in putting on a 50th anniversary festival in 2019. He told Rolling Stone "I think we’re certainly done until the 50th. We’re starting to think about it now."

Obviously, it is too early to make too many firm plans. Nobody know what the music landscape will be five years from now, but Lang did say that he has started looking for a site for the show.

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