Lily Allen has a huge crush on Beyoncé Knowles.

The British hit maker spoke openly about her love for the Crazy In Love singer ahead of her US tour, which kicks off in Miami in September.

As well as admitting her admiration for married Beyoncé, Lily laughs she's even envisioned what their family would be like.

“I’d turn for Beyoncé. I think our kids would look really good together," Lily giggled to British newspaper The Sun.

She also name dropped fellow British pop star Chris Martin, though this was in reference to the recent backlash Lily faced when she attended the Game of Thrones season four premiere in New York earlier this year.

Lily went to support her younger brother Alfie, who stars as Theon Greyjoy in the hit series, leaving husband Sam Cooper at home to look after their two daughters Ethel and Marnie.

"How dare you?" the star asked in mock horror. "You’d never be like, ‘Chris Martin is on tour, abandoning his children.'”

While Beyoncé will no doubt be flattered by the attention from fellow pop star Lily, rumours that her sister Solange has been offered a large sum of money to spill the beans on a recent family incident may not go down so well.

Solange was involved in an altercation with Beyoncé's husband Jay Z as the three of them plus a body guard were in an elevator as they left the Met Ball in May.

“Solange has always been in the background while Beyoncé has been the golden girl," an insider told British newspaper Daily Star. “She’s sick of feeling she’s being held down and she’s ready to fight back.

“Jay and Bey might not like her spilling their secrets in a tell-all book but she believes that might be what it takes to secure her financial future.”