Kylie Minogue goes "feral" when she's at home.

The 46-year-old songstress is currently single and doesn't have any children of her own. However, she pops over to her younger sister Dannii's house when she goes back to Australia and spends times with her and Dannii's three-year-old son Ethan.

"It doesn't put me off at all," she laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine when asked if the ruckus at her sister's makes her think twice about having a family.

"It's such a great antidote to my life and what I'm doing, which all revolves around me. I go a bit feral at home. I just go away from everyone and spend time with my family, although my eldest nephew commented that I was 'really famous now' as he saw me on the back of a taxi for a Voice poster. I'm really famous now I'm on a cab!"

Kylie added that she often helps look after Ethan and her other two nephews.

She's been in the business for 25 years but admits she isn't sure what the next quarter of a century will hold for her.

"I hope I'll be around and doing something!" she mused. "Not sitting a room with 17 cats, thinking about the past - it could happen! I don't even have a cat, I'm not even a cat person actually! I might be having sensible high tea somewhere or I might still be treading the boards. I don't know."

Kylie added that she's amazed to have released 12 albums and that she's sure she was meant to be a "one hit wonder". Kiss Me Once was released in March and includes hit I Was Gonna Cancel, written by Pharrell Williams.