Katy Perry's mind often thinks in euphemisms.

The 29-year-old pop star is known for her cheeky sense of humour and likes to provoke with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and daring stage costumes.

She mentions "big balloons" in her latest hit Birthday and has revealed that fans can expect as much from her The Prismatic World Tour.

"There are lots of big balloons," she grinned to Time Out London magazine about her shows. "My mind sometimes thinks in euphemisms and innuendos and I don't know why. Secretly I'm a dirty birdy."

Katy has enjoyed high-profile relationships with the likes of John Mayer and Russell Brand, but she's currently thought to be single following an alleged brief fling with DJ Diplo. However, the brunette wouldn't reach for an internet dating app quite yet.

"No. I'm not on Tinder," she clarified. "One of my good girlfriends is on Tinder and sometimes after we're done gabbing about everything we'll just scroll through it. I've only gone on it with one of my girlfriends who uses it to just sideswipe people."

Following her London shows, The Prismatic World Tour will take a break before Katy returns for the North America leg on June 22.

Despite loving the UK's capital, the star doesn't think she could ever live there.

"I'd like to if I wasn't attacked every time I stepped out the door," she mused. "I'd love to live at Claridge's [hotel] - it's like sleeping in a Tiffany's box. I always go there for high tea and scones."