Marc Anthony thinks being "smacked around" helped his career.

The 45-year-old star is a bona fide international ambassador for Latin music and culture, beginning his career in the industry with his freestyle record Rebel in 1988. He has since gone on to bring the genre into the limelight, and even hit musicians like Bruno Mars have turned to him for advice.

Marc recalled a time when Cuban-American rapper Pitbull asked him for words of wisdom.

"There comes a time when you've been in the game for so long that people wonder how you did it. I have a lot of stories to tell," he smiled to Men's Fitness magazine. "I love those exchanges. I got smacked around early on, and it was hard, but to me it was part of the game. As blessed as I am, my heart goes out to any artist who has to do it on his own."

When asked what his best advice for the younger generation wanting to follow their dreams is, Marc kept it simple.

"Be responsible," he recommended. "Even when you lose, even if it's a bad deal, keep your word, show up on time, and be professional. That's how you maintain yourself in this industry. Even if you're losing, even if you did a show and you could have made $500 and they paid you $50 and you're p**sed off, you gave your word, so you show up and let it be a lesson."

Marc has twins Emme and Max with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez and sons Cristian and Ryan with first spouse Dayanara Torres, along with daughter Ariana with former girlfriend Debbie Rosado. Being a father has made him aware of how easily young celebrities are led down a destructive path, but he thinks it's better to experience these things early on.

"Once you get that out of your system, you have a better shot at getting your priorities straight," he added.