Steven Tyler describes Aerosmith as a "stallion that learnt how to ride itself".

The 66-year-old rocker has been frontman of the iconic band since it was founded in 1970. They've gained fans all over the world with their catchy songs, such as I Don't Want to Miss a Thing and Love in an Elevator.

Recalling the moment when the band first realised they were going to make it big, Steven came up with a colourful metaphor to describe the feeling.

"When we started we were a jam band. It was kinda like an unbridled horse. The horse learns, when the rider gets on its back and jumps over the fence, it takes off. Aerosmith was a stallion that learnt how to ride itself," he explained to Kerrang! magazine.

"I remember being in bands before and it sucked. I felt ill at ease, like I was acting more than [playing] music. Then Aerosmith came along, and Joe [Perry, guitarist] was behind me, and I was f**king riding that horse onstage. I used to think it was the drugs, but it wasn't - it was our music. The horse!"

One of the group's most-loved tracks is Walk This Way, which became popular when they collaborated to re-record it with rap legend Run–D.M.C in the 1980s. Steven and Joe remember what an exciting experience it was and revealed a trio of unlikely guests who happened to be there at the same time.

"The Beastie Boys were in the studio as well, and they lent us a bass!" Steven recalled excitedly. "Joe grabbed the bass and played guitar as well, so by the time we were f**king that song up, I had my stamp on it for the chorus, Run-D.M.C rapped it, and when it all came together it was just like, 'HEL-LO!' And the Beastie Boys were in the background laughing."