Miranda Lambert admits she was “fast on the trigger” before turning 30 years old.

The country singer entered her thirties on November 10 of last year.

And although the ferocious parts of Miranda’s personality have slightly subdued since reaching the age milestone, the star jokes she is still a firecracker when she wants to be.

"The younger me was a little wilder and fast on the trigger. I'd shoot you and burn your house down," she laughed to Us Weekly magazine. "[But now] I'm a bit softer. I still might shoot you - but maybe I'll just set your garage on fire!"

Miranda is currently promoting her fifth studio album Platinum, available for sale next week.

The songstress, who is wed to fellow country music star Blake Shelton, sang candidly about marital issues on the record to dispel hearsay about her personal life.

“Yep [I did sing about my marriage],” Miranda detailed.

“Tabloids kept saying I was pregnant with triplets or that Blake and I were getting a $100 million divorce. We've learned to ignore the rumours and go on with our lives,” she explained.

Miranda also addressed her struggle with weight in song Gravity Is a B**ch.

The star thinks expressing herself authentically through music is imperative, and believes listeners would have it no other way.

“My fans expect me to lay it all out!” Miranda said.

“I've always been happy with myself. But when I hit 30, I thought, It's not going to get easier. So I chose to get ahead of it. There's still nothing I love more than a bag of Cheetos, though!”