Julio Iglesias jokes that it was "a bit of a crisis" when he turned 70.

The Latin lothario has sold over 300 million records in a career that has spanned 45 years.

He's just released new album 1 The Collection, a compilation of some of his most treasured tracks, and hitting a milestone birthday last September spurred him on further.

"It was a bit of a crisis. I didn't want to put a seven in my age. Not at the front, anyway," he laughed to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

"No, an artist who is surviving and singing for generations doesn't have the right to have a crisis. Our family have a privileged life, so there's no crisis. Nothing you can't get over."

As well as he's own successful career, which has seen him bag countless awards and accolades, Julio has also been able to watch son Enrique's musical journey.
Born in Madrid, Spain, Julio is the most successful Latin recording artist of all time. Far from basking in that glory, the star jokes his impressive back catalogue just serves as a reminder that he's been around for so long.

"I've sold records; I think my father bought most of them! No, but it's nothing. Numbers - including my age - are horrible because it means you've been there for a long time. The best number in my life at the moment is my son [Guillermo] who is six years old. That's a great number," he smiled.
With such a hectic working life, it can often be hard to fit in family time. But Julio, who is a father of eight, has found a great way to merge the two.

"Now if I want to take my family, we just fly together. We have an incredible life that way. I don't have to travel in a van any more. We can fly 15 hours non-stop together, so I bring all my family to England now," he said.