Courtney Love is adamant that she's never slept with Kate Moss.

The grunge star claimed in a radio interview with shock jock Howard Stern in 2010 that she had slept with a British model, with many believing she implied it was Kate.

But Courtney dismisses it as a nasty rumour and says it has cost her her friendship with the supermodel.

"Let's clear this lesbian thing up in Grazia right now," Courtney told the British publication. "I did say a British model, but I never named her. I don't rule out lesbian activities and I kissed a girl in Venice recently, but I am not gay and I didn't sleep with Kate. I have written to her, sent her transcripts, but she hasn't responded and I didn't go to her wedding. I love Kate and I miss her."

Courtney also claims that the incident led to reports she had been dumped by hotel mogul André Balazs, an ex of Uma Thurman's.

"Kate, I am so sorry that your name got dragged up in reports that André dumped me because I was indiscreet. It's not true," she explained.

On the subject of her famous friends, not all of Courtney's relationships have gone sour.

The 49-year-old queen of grunge enjoys a close friendship with clean living Gwyneth Paltrow, and has come to think of the Iron Man actress as her rock.

"Gwyneth believes in me, she is a stalwart and I sent her a crazy email and all I got back was 'Are you OK for cash and lawyers?' I didn't answer for three days, and that was when I kicked Adderall [prescribed to ADHD sufferers].

"It took me a week to kick - it wasn't [movie] Trainspotting-hard, but it was psychological. I had a lot of sex. And then I replied to Gwyneth and said, 'I am not going to answer those questions,' cos, you know, I wasn't OK for cash and lawyers, 'But that you asked, I will never forget,'" she smiled.