Gregg Allman and 17 other individuals and companies have been sued by the parents of Sarah Jones who was killed in February while making the biopic Midnight Rider.

Jones was an assistant on pre-production for the film who was on a train trestle over the Altamaha River in Georgia. An unexpected train came down the tracks and, while running from the bridge, a number of crew members were hit with debris from a mattress and other equipment that was being used. Jones was the only crewmember killed.

In what is often called "casting a wide net", the suit names everyone from the movie's producers to CSX Transportation who owned the train and tracks to Rayonier Performance Fibers who owns the land surrounding the bridge.

The suit alleges that the producers "selected an unreasonably dangerous site for the filming location; failed to secure approval for filming from CSX; concealed their lack of approval from CSX from the cast and crew ... and otherwise failed to take measures to protect the safety of the Midnight Rider cast and crew."

The accident set off a firestorm in Hollywood where the creative community rallied over unsafe working conditions. In addition, star William Hurt, who was to play Allman, quit the production and Allman sued to rescind the rights to make the film.

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