Baking is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll and who wouldn’t want to make cakes with three of the dishiest men in music?

The male harmony vocal group BLAKE are back and are creating a special new album for their fans across the globe. Available exclusively on PledgeMusic, BLAKE’s latest offering will be presented alongside VIP experiences that give fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with the group.

Besides the bundles of signed goodies that we’re used to from the BLAKE boys, they’ve stepped it up a notch with their innovative idea of Baking with BLAKE: The Great British BLAKE Off. There will be six people in each session comprising three teams of two with a member of BLAKE heading each team collectively instructed by a professional pastry chef to teach the all important cooking skills. The lessons will be held in a central London location on week days for only £160.00 per person.

"Having the opportunity to offer something so unique like this to our fans, linked directly with making our 5th album, could only have been made possible with PledgeMusic; if people want to bake with us, they'll need to head to our Pledge site. Who knows, perhaps we end up doing more baking than music this year, but that’s the risk we're willing to make to ensure this is our best album yet!"

The classes will be held courtesy of Bake With Maria. “I’ve been baking since I was a child, inspired by my mother who always used to bake our breads at home,” says Maria. “I want to share my secrets and teach others the very special art that is home baking.”

The ball is already rolling and the pledges are pouring in as fans show their utmost desire to help BLAKE create a fantastic fifth album. Once their target is reached, PledgeMusic will release the funds and recording can begin.

"For eight years our wonderful Blakettes having been baking us cakes, kindly left at the stage door of every concert venue we play, or given to us in person after the show. From the Philippines, to China, Russia, the USA and UK, there isn't a show we do where fresh cakes don't arrive before or after the concert. We don't eat every single one, but we try enough that we all have gym memberships to keep the kilos off!"

So roll up those sleeves and get your rolling pins ready….to Bake with BLAKE.