Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are taking “forever” to release their new album.

The musical duo are currently working on the sequel to debut album The Heist. According to Ryan Lewis, fans should prepare to wait a long while as the group are taking their time.

“We’re working on a follow up, and we take forever, so I can’t say how long it will take but we are in the studio daily, trying out new stuff,” Ryan told MTV News.

Joking about how they can afford a much nicer microphone this time around, the singer is excited about the new record.

Although there will be lots of changes, Ryan is sure fans will appreciate how they have grown in terms of their sound.
“Of course, a lot of it is different, [because] the context of working and your team, your whole environment and your life has completely changed,” he explained. “But then there’s also aspects which are completely the same. If everything goes out of the window [and] it’s just you in the studio, can you make something that’s good art, or can not you not? I think the game is the same, the art the same, the process is the same. So for me, it’s really exciting.”

Since winning big at the Grammys with awards such as Best New Artist, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have admitted life has become hectic.

Returning to the studio was actually a welcome respite and a chance to decompress.

“I love DJing and traveling, but after playing well over 300 shows in a year and a half, it’s nice to be back, trying to make songs,” Ryan admitted.