Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly set up two separate wedding venues.

The couple are getting married this weekend and it is unclear exactly where their nuptials are taking place.

TMZ reports the Palace of Versailles and a 16th century fort in Florence, Italy are both fully decorated for weddings.

Although the Palace of Versailles has a strict no-wedding policy, the establishment posted a sign saying it is closing for an evening soiree and the Florence venue has an aisle, seating arrangements and a piano in place for the festivities.

Speculation is rife a pre-wedding bash will take place at Versailles Friday night ahead of the Italian wedding on Saturday. Since it is not legal for the couple to marry in France because they have not resided in the country for a long period of time, it is likely they won’t exchange their vows at Versailles.

It is claimed Kanye has purposely left loved ones and the media in the dark about specific details of his and Kim’s wedding.

“Everyone is annoyed and confused,” a source told Radar Online earlier this week.

“Kanye is furious about the leaks. He’s acting paranoid and wants to know who he can trust. So he is telling some guests one plan, and other guests another plan. He is totally messing with everyone.”

Kim’s aunt Karen Houghton recently revealed she isn’t attending the ceremony this weekend and she also confirmed hearsay about Kanye’s confusing planning antics.

"Kanye's calling the people a half hour before and saying, 'Here's where it is.' I can't even tell you where it is," Karen told Mail Online.