Ozzy Osbourne says prison and rehab have a "similar vibe".

The 65-year-old rocker spent six weeks in prison in 1966 due to robberies he committed and has sought professional help for his addictions. Most recently he was in rehab last year after he relapsed, although he is now back on track.

"They both have a similar vibe but you're not frightened to bend over in rehab," he told Q magazine. "I would say that prison is the worst; I didn't want to go back and I never did. I was terrified of being locked away."

Ozzy hid last year's relapse from his family and his wife Sharon has admitted feeling devastated when she found out. She came close to divorcing the star, who she's been married to for 31 years, but after couples counselling they worked things out. Ozzy is in no doubt he couldn't cope without his flame-haired spouse.

"Not here, that's for sure," he replied, when asked where he'd be without Sharon. "I probably should have died years ago but she just wouldn't have it."

Having confronted his demons, Ozzy has spent time re-evaluating his life. There are great swathes of his past that he can't remember because he'd taken so many drugs or drunk so much alcohol. However he tries not to have regrets, even if he wouldn't have made all of the same decisions if he had his time again - including the vast amounts of tattoos he has.

"Yes and no," he replied, when quizzed on regretting his inkings. "Even if I regret them, they ain't going to go anywhere. On my right arm I was going to have a sleeve and it's half done. When I was sober I said to myself, 'Why am I doing this?' I was in my 50s, I think, and I've got this f**king guy drawing on my arm. When he got to the elbow I went, 'You know what? Stop.' He said, 'It's not finished.' For me it is. This is over. I haven't had one since."

Ozzy has enjoyed a varied life, with many unusual things happening to him. Ten years ago he came face-to-face with a burglar at his home while he was nude, but insists he was more shocked than terrified.

"My wife's much more frightening when she's p**sed off with me but it's certainly up there," he said. "What do you do at four o'clock in the morning when you're half asleep and naked and there's a guy in your house and you get him in a headlock and throw him out of the window? You don't go, 'Oh darling, phone the police.' You don't even know whether you're dreaming or not."