Global superstar, Nicole Scherzinger returns with her new single, the out-of-the-box smash ‘Your Love’ on 13th July through RCA records. The single will premiere on radio on May 29th.

‘Your Love’ is the first release since Nicole signed a worldwide deal to Sony Music at the start of the year. The single and the forthcoming album, scheduled for autumn release, are the results of a collaboration between Nicole and #1 songwriters/producers, The Dream and Tricky who have worked with artists ranging from Beyonce, Kanye West , Katy Perry, Jay Z and Rihanna.

“The Dream and Tricky know me inside out, they are like my family,” explains Nicole about the partnership. “I had to make this whole album with it just being the three of us. For the first time in my career I feel like this album is me, it’s real. It’s a very personal album for me. It is a reflection of the woman I am, the woman I am not and the woman I want to be.”

This new single will be the first release since Nicole left her two-season run as a winning judge on the UK X Factor. As well as becoming a winning judge Nicole became one of the most popular with viewers.

Since Nicole debuted with PCD in 2005 she has sold over an incredible 30 million records and performed at arenas around the world.