Ozzy Osbourne wasted time at therapy by “peeing”.

The Black Sabbath rocker has struggled on and off with addiction and last year he admitted that he’d relapsed and started drinking and taking drugs again.
He’s now clean thanks to therapy sessions, but his wife Sharon admits that things didn’t go so well at the beginning.

“The sessions were supposed to last an hour and a half and Ozzy spent half an hour peeing.

"He’d be up and down – and then look at his belly. He has this habit of lifting up his shirt, looking at his belly because he has taken a p**s and thinks his belly will be flatter. So he goes back and forth... the belly and the p**sing,” she candidly revealed to British newspaper The Mirror.

“Then he starts to hum. He doesn’t have to pee. It is an excuse, because his attention span is two seconds.

“During looking at his belly and peeing, he is looking at his watch. At exactly an hour and a half, he goes: ‘We are off now. Bye, see ya.’

"He is out the f**king front door. Car door open. I am still trying to get my handbag together and he is in the driveway. We went for a month. That was it. It is not worth it. It was too much stress.”

Sharon, 61, has previously admitted she came close to divorcing 65-year-old Ozzy, who she has been married to since 1982 and with whom she has three kids. However, he is now continuing to see a counsellor and psychiatrist by himself, which has led her to give him another chance.
The star will never be able to forget how difficult their bouts of joint therapy were and revealed that he husband would often get angry at her out of frustration. This is despite the fact that Sharon picked a male professional, as she feared he would be able to charm a woman too easily.

“He will smile and you just melt. He has this little boy smile, and he goes, ‘Why does everybody pick on me?’” she said.

“And I am like, ‘Because you are the f**k-up?’ And he is like, ‘That is not fair – you do some things.’ And I am like, ‘What?’”

Sharon and Ozzy are now getting their marriage back on track. The Talk star has a diplomatic view when it comes to the couple’s troubles.

“You can’t change people. You either accept them as they are or you go,” she reasoned.