Robyn discusses her new 'Made by Sweden' ad for Volvo on, featuring her new song with Royksopp, 'Monument'. The English version of the ad debuts today.

She's deeply passionate about saving the environment, a topic that has led to an unexpected collaboration with the automobile company. The sprawling advertisement is for Volvo's new Drive-E engines, low-emission alternatives that will be made available with all of the company's 2015 models.

"It's not a commercial about a car -- it's a commercial about a way of thinking," Robyn tells Billboard.

Directed by Robyn's boyfriend, Max Vitali, the commercial prods at environmental issues by juxtaposing the cityscape and serenity of nature, and promises engines that reduce emissions by 30 percent.

"I wanted it to be personal, and it was very, very challenging to make something that wasn't about pointing fingers or that was depressing," she says. "I wanted to express that the only thing we really have is each other. Maybe there's no real answer right now, but it's nice to know that other people are thinking about it as well."