Ashley Roberts likes men that "take the p**s".

The former Pussycat Doll has been linked to guys including British TV presenters Matt Johnson and Declan Donnelly. She's currently thought to be single, but the 32-year-old knows just what she's looking for in her prince charming.

"I'd like a British king. I want to find a man that I love," she opened up to British magazine Stylist.

"I've been bouncing around the globe a lot, so hopefully now I'm in one place that'll be easier. I like British guys. The take the p**s and I enjoy that because I feel like it brings everybody down to a humanistic level. You don't have to have a stick up your a**e the whole time. Excuse my language, but I'm not sorry!"

Ashley took some time off singing after The Pussycat Dolls split, but is now back with new single Clockwork, which will be released on May 25. While she's looking for a romantic partner, the star is pleased she's going it alone in music.

"I'm glad I'm solo," she said. "I miss being part of The Dolls because we had such amazing electricity on stage. But, although they're something I'm proud of, it's my past and I'm excited for what's happening now. Hopefully, as an individual, I can make an impact that would last."

Ashley might look like she has her life under control, but the blonde star admits that she's relied on a life coach in the past to help her feel fulfilled and happy. She adds that insecurities continue to weigh her down, too.

"It's funny how small things influence you throughout your life," she mused.

"I remember some girl told me when I was about 15, 'Oh sure, you're really pretty, but your arms are fat.' Ever since, I've had a complex that my arms aren't skinny twigs. There are a few things I'd change about my body, like my dancer legs and my badass thighs."