Beyoncé Knowles is reportedly "in hell" following the altercation between Jay Z and Solange.

A video released by TMZ earlier this month shows the 32-year-old singer's husband being attacked by her sister in an elevator at a Met Gala after-party in New York City. While Solange lashed out, Beyoncé was seen looking on rather than stepping between them.

Although the trio have since released a statement insisting they have "worked through" the apparent troubles, it is thought Beyoncé is still trying to find peace following the situation.

"Behind the scenes, Bey's in hell. She loves her sister and Jay, but to take sides is torture for her. Everything is under question now. That shocking glimpse into their private lives is not what people would've expected," an insider told British magazine Look.

"Beyoncé will be struggling. It can't be easy having a sister who seems to have absolutely no respect for her husband and even physically attacked him. But she's not leaving Jay. She's a devout Methodist Christian and takes her marriage vows very seriously. He isn't perfect, but she'll fight tooth and nail for her marriage regardless of Solange's alleged feelings. They have their daughter Blue Ivy after all."

It has yet to be confirmed what caused Solange to turn on Jay Z. There are some reports it was because the rapper failed to help boost her career, while others suggest the 27-year-old beauty was angry at Jay Z for supposedly hitting on designer Rachel Roy. Rachel used to be married to Damon Dash, former business partner of the 99 Problems musician.

"Accusations of Jay hitting on his ex-business partner's wife are not what Bey wants to hear," the source explained. "She seems in total denial about the fight and won't want to deal with these allegations," a friend added.