Fall Out Boy want their latest album to be a "legacy".

The American quartet released Save Rock and Roll last year and the record features collaborations with musicians such as Elton John and Courtney Love. It marks their fifth studio album and bass player Pete Wentz thinks their music is more important now than ever as they have relatives to support.

He has son Bronx with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson and is currently expecting his second child with new girlfriend Meagan Camper.

"There’s a legacy at this point. Everything has to be for the legacy of Fall Out Boy. It has to be important because we all have families back home now, so everything that we do has to be important enough to us to, like, leave the country for," he explained to vh1.com.

Frontman Patrick Stump was keen to focus on the album as a whole rather than just on the tracks while recording. He believes Save Rock and Roll is a distinct sound which isn't heard by many artists these days.

"I’m ok with people doing singles and people just focusing on that. That’s cool. I’m glad that there’s a world of that because I feel like singles are getting more exciting," he explained. "But I think the album is suffering and I don’t want that art form to get lost because I think it’s really important for people to remember how to do it."

Fall Out Boy also comprises guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley. While they used to focus on the more niche genre of punk, Pete is happy they have moved into a more commercial area.

"Years ago, The Chipmunks movie franchise had offered to put a song of ours in a movie and they were like 'Maybe you guys could do a voiceover' or something like that and we really agonised over it like 'Oh my God, people are gonna hate this. Maybe we shouldn’t do it,'" he recalled. "Fast-forward ten years down the road and I’m sitting there watching The Chipmunks with my three-year-old at the time and thinking no one would care. No one would remember one way or the other."